7 Ways To Be More Environmentally Friendly When Travelling!

Published 30th October 2019

We’re always looking for more ways to be greener here at Camp HQ, so we thought we’d share some of our favourite tips for being more environmentally friendly whilst travelling!

Abandon the plastic bag

We all know by now that excessive use of plastic is one of the biggest threats to our planet and its residents. Taking a reusable shopping bag with you whilst travelling will save you from using so many plastic bags. Just remember to mention you don’t want a bag at the counter as, in many countries, it’s still incredibly common to wrap absolutely everything in the stuff!

Eat and drink like a local

Transporting and processing food is one of the biggest polluters so cut back on that by eating local food. Not only will it help the environment, it’s usually much better and more authentic than just eating what you would at home! 

Keep your feet on the ground as much as possible

All of our Camp locations utilise ground transport like buses, ferries and trains rather than taking internal flights. This is better for the environment whilst also allowing you to see more of the beautiful country you’re visiting!

Give the maid a break

You don’t wash your sheets and towels everyday at home (we assume) so why do you need then doing when you’re away? Hang up that do not disturb sign and help your accommodation save water and energy.

Offset your emissions

Sometimes, flying to a destination is a necessity (you won’t see us swimming over the Bali any time soon!) but there are plenty of services that help you offset these unavoidable emissions. You can use this carbon footprint calculator to see how much your trip will impact the planet and the site will provide a series of suggested projects and donation amounts that will offset it!

Take part in a conservation project

Not only do conservation projects allow you to get up close and personal to wildlife, they also allow you to have a positive impact on local communities. If you’re struggling to find the perfect project to volunteer at, check out the animal conservation programme at Camp South Africa, or join us at Camp Bali where we spend several days at a turtle rescue centre. It’s guaranteed to give you that feel good factor!

Buy Second Hand

Do you need a new rucksack before you head off? Perhaps some hiking boots? Head to a charity shop, look on eBay or ask your friends to borrow one before you splurge on something new. Plus, you’ll probably save yourself some money as well as helping the planet!

What else do you do to be environmentally friendly when travelling? Let us know below!

Camp.co.uk Team! x

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