8 Travel Hacks You Need In Your Life

Published 30th October 2019

Travelling can be stressful, and while Camp takes care of all the planning and logistics to make your trip run smoothly, we still have some tips to help you travel like a pro! 

Get a bumbag! 

They may not be the height of fashion but bumbags are perfect for keeping your valuables safe when exploring. They’re also super useful to have at the airport so all of your documents are easily accessible to avoid that security panic!

Don’t forget to pack for rain. 

We know how easy it can be to get carried away packing flip flops and dresses but chances are you’ll experience at least a little rain visiting Asia in the summer months. Better to be safe than sorry!

Invest in a battery pack.

It can be hard to find a plug (and your adapter!) at a busy airport or when you’re on the plane. These bad boys last for a while and some can even charge your phone at a much quicker rate. Just don’t forget to charge it up every so often!

Keep Things Cool

If you’re travelling to a hot country and need to take medication, make sure to get a Frio pouch before you go. This genius little product does a great job at keeping things cool and won’t cost you a bomb!

Put a bulldog clip over your razor. 

We can’t make shaving any less of a chore but we can help stop those accidental injuries your razor can cause when you’re rummaging around your bag! Just put a bulldog clip over it and your hands will thank you later!

Bring moisturiser in your hand luggage. 

Now this I can’t stress enough- on the plane, it is so useful as your skin dries out unbelievably, and you’ll find that in the warmer climates, you’re going to need it!

Pack some dried food 

The food at Camp is amazing but if you know you’re a picky eater you might need a back up. Bring things like the sachet soups and cup noodles as these don’t take up

Much love,

The Camp Team x

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