Summer Camp Canada Review

Summer Camp Canada Review Here’s my Summer Camp Canada Review – I hope you enjoy reading it! This year, I went to Canada and experienced what I […]

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Summer Camp America Reviews

Hi!  Thanks for reading my Summer Camp America Reviews post for AmeriCamp! This year, I signed up for AmeriCamp and headed to Maine in search […]

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Summer Camp America Review

Summer Camp America Review Hi! I’m guessing you’re reading this review because you’re considering applying for AmeriCamp. Check out my Summer […]

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Summer Camp Thailand Review

Many young people in contemporary society are making the decision to leave home during Summer and head for a cavalier […]

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Summer Camp Thailand Reviews

Summer Camp Thailand Reviews Here’s my contribution to the Summer Camp Thailand Reviews – enjoy! During this summer, I spent […]

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Camp Thailand Reviews

Camp Thailand Reviews Last summer I spent one month at Camp Thailand, the camp location I chose was Camp C […]

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Camp Maldives Review: Work Hard. Play Hard. Make a Positive Impact.

Camp Maldives Review: Rhiannon Rogers  While this my seem somewhat cliched, Camp Maldives was truly a life changing experience for […]

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My Camp Thailand Review: Ellie Cousins

My Experience at Camp Thailand By Ellie Cousins 19th January – 9th February Recently I participated in the 19th January […]

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