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Turn your Canadian dream into a reality with AmeriCamp Canada! Earn up to $1900 CAD working at fun-filled Camps in amongst a tranquil Canadian backdrop and experience an adventure bigger than Niagara Falls.

Secure your dream role at one of Canada’s stunning Camps this Summer; oversee the safety of Campers and arrange activities in the quintessential role of General Camp Counsellor, show off your specialist skills in the role of Activities Counsellor, seal your spot as one of our devoted Special Needs Counsellors, or experience Camp lifestyle in a less practical, yet equally important role of Support Staff.

Following Camp, gather your newfound group of friends and prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride through one of the most beautiful countries on the planet.

Travel to Toronto, home of the legendary CN Tower and marvel at the panoramic views within the monumental structures revolving restaurant. Why not wing over to the West coast and visit Vancouver, one of the country’s most celebrated cities? With attractions such as Stanley Park, a gargantuan green space in the centre of the city, as well as the amazing Vancouver Aquarium, there’s something to satisfy even the fussiest visitor!

Moreover, no trip to Canada would be complete without a visit to the colossal Niagara Falls and Banff National Park, Canada’s oldest national park, beset with natural beauty.

Lap up the most iconic Canadian landmarks during your Summer of a Lifetime and embrace an adventure sweeter than Maple syrup.

Camp Highlights

Awesome Camps in Canada
$1900 CAD


Elizabeth Wasson 5

Camp Tamakwa

This Summer was my first time working in a Summer Camp, but using AmeriCamp Canada enabled me to find a Camp that couldn’t have been more suited to me. I had the time of my life! In the role of Senior Councillor at Camp Tamakwa, I was able to try out all of the activities the Camp had to offer, explore the beautiful Algonquin Park by canoe and make some truly amazing friends.

Jack Tomlinson 5

Tamwood International Camps, Vancouver

If I were to sum up my time at AmeriCamp Canada it would be incredible. The people, the location, the kids, everything. The support I received from the Camp Canada team meant that acquiring my visa and organizing travel arrangements were smooth and easy. I would recommend it to everyone!

Bradley Appleby 5

Camp Tamakwa

Hello! My name’s Brad and I worked as a Senior Counsellor in Ontario, Canada for Summer 2017. I had the best Summer of my life, met friends for life, made amazing memories and also got to travel and see some amazing sights across Canada and America. I look forward to talking to you all soon and helping you begin your journey next Summer!

Chloe Barratt 5

Camp Tamakwa

Canada was an incredible experience and I was able to achieve things I never would have done if I didn’t go to Camp. It is life changing and addictive. I can’t wait to go back and experience views like this again.



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General Camp Counsellors

General Camp Counsellors are the lifeblood of any Camp. As a Camp Counsellor, you will be responsible for waking your Campers in the morning (and ensuring they go to bed), making sure they get to meals on time, getting involved with all the crazy activities and to be an all-round great role model. For General Camp Counsellor roles you do not need any specific experience or skill set in any given activity, however, you must be a charismatic all-rounder that loves working with children. Experience of working with children is definitely a bonus in this role!

Activity Counsellors

Activity Counsellors are usually skilled and experienced in a particular activity and will directly instruct or assist with the Campers. You will usually teach in your field during the day, so if you are a sailor expect plenty of time on the water and a wicked tan! In the evening you will join in with the Camp activities, be it a rowdy Campfire or activity night. Some of the skills we look for are listed below, however, if your skill isn’t listed give us a call! Camps love new and exciting skill sets.

Support Staff

Support Staff are instrumental in the upkeep and day-to-day running of each Camp. Typically responsible for all important ‘behind the scenes’ activities, you will be tasked with all manner of maintenance duties, from painting, gardening to any other necessary practical work. You may also apply for an office-based Support Staff role, where you would be assisting the Camp Management with administrative tasks such as filing, word processing and other miscellaneous tasks. Housekeeping and Catering roles are also available, in which you would assist in cleaning or catering work. If you already have experience in any of the above or similar fields, then this could be the perfect role for you!

Special Needs Counsellors

Special Needs Counsellors work in the same way as General Camp Counsellors, though specifically with Campers who have either learning/physical difficulties or specific requirements (e.g. behavioural/emotional disorders). In this role, it helps to be open-minded, patient and most importantly both kind-natured and caring. Whilst this may appear a challenging role, no previous experience is required and all necessary training will be provided. In addition to looking great on any CV, we guarantee that fulfilling this role will not only prove to be a rewarding and heartfelt experience – you’ll be making friends for life! In the words of one of our returning Special Needs Counsellors: ‘It’s Campers we lead and teach each day, but in reality, they teach us so much about ourselves!’

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