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Prepare for your Vietnamese venture, a jaunt into a sumptuous paradise on the sea of South China…

Flaunt your finest dance moves whilst bathing in the fluorescent embers of Pub Street, seize control of the saddle and enjoy a tour of Hanoi, the capital city clad in an abundance of culture, character and history.

Conversely, embrace the Mai Chu district, a North Western nest home to peace, serenity and tranquility. A far cry from the boisterous nature of city life, this rural treat is not to be missed during your trip.

Moreover, with the opportunity to give the gift of education to underprivileged children in local schools, as well as a trip to Sa Pa, Camp Vietnam boasts diversity, culture and an abundance of adventure.

  • What's Included

  • All accommodation
  • T-shirts
  • Rep Service
  • Airport Pick Up
  • Inbound transport
  • Stated Activities
  • Teaching
  • Pre-departure Support
  • Young Learners Qualification
  • 30-day Visa

  • What's Not Included

  • Flights
  • DBS
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Expenses
  • Extra Excursions
  • Vaccinations

Camp Vietnam Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival Day

Welcome to Camp Vietnam!

You will be met and greeted by the Camp Vietnam team at the airport, before heading off with your new friends to check into your accommodation.

That evening you will enjoy a welcome meal and a trip to the famous Ta Hien Pub Street, the perfect way to meet your new friends and immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture.

Day 2 – Old Quarter city walking and cyclo tour

Today let’s explore Hanoi like a Local by a walking and cyclo tour.

To start the trip, we enjoy a city walking tour through some of ‘Hanoi’s 36 Streets otherwise known as the Old Quarter. Since its creation the streets are named following their craftsman products, such as Sugar street, Mattress street, Silver Street, Silk Street etc… so you can see thousands of traditional craftsman shopkeepers scattered along the streets.

We will visit some historical features of ancient Hanoi, such as Hoan Kiem Lake, the Quan De Temple, get a cyclo to Hoa Lo Prison, then the Womens Museum. After that get a transfer to a locally famous noodle restaurant which Barack Obama visited and ate at during his time in Vietnam. You will truly get to experience how a 1,000-year-old-historical city kept its authentic life style until today.

Days 3-5 – Mai Chau village!

On arrival in Lac Village, Mai Chau, you will be staying in a homestay–a traditional stilt house of Thai minority people. Enjoy some free time to relax after the journey. For lunch, you will then have chance to taste some local specialties.

Lac village is situated in a picturesque valley of peach orchards. There, you can walk along gravel tracks and small paths used by the locals or rent bicycles to explore the local area.

The verdant and rugged mountain scenery, combined with the colourful local population, makes this an unforgettable place to visit.

Days 5-9 – Visiting rural villages teaching English and staying in local Pagodas

You will be given the extraordinarily unique opportunity to teach in local pagodas ran by monks.

You will teach English, run fun games and activities with the kids. You will even get to meet the monks and be taught Buddhism and Taoism from the higher monks.

You will get an immersive opportunity to really integrate with the locals and get the true experience of a new culture that will be a true once in a lifetime experience.

Days 9-10 – Return to Hanoi – Trill Rooftop!

Free time to explore Hanoi and experience the amazing Trill Rooftop Pool Party which is at the top of one of the tallest building in Hanoi. Leave on the evening of the 10th day to travel to Sapa on one of the famous Vietnamese overnight trains!

Days 10-15 – Sapa Homestay and Trekking Adventure.

Sapa is a beautiful rural area in the north-west of the country, it’s rolling landscape composed of terraced-fields cultivated for crops are famous world-wide.

Here you will have the opportunity to teach children in some of the local homestay’s as well as engaging in lots of fun games with the children. These children have little or no access to resources that offer them the chance to learn English or practical skills and really relish the interaction with outsiders.

You will have the opportunity to trek through the picturesque mountains of Sapa, the highest in the whole of Indochina.

Days 16-18 – Ha Long Bay!

You will travel from Camp down to Ha Long Bay (An UNESCO World Heritage Site) to spend three days and two nights exploring this fantastic area. This globally-popular location, where mountains shoot up from out of the sea is a must see.

You will explore caves, enjoy swimming and kayaking in the emerald green waters of Ha Long Bay. You will also be exploring Cat Ba island which is home to the Cat Ba Langur Monkey (Only 50 in the world).

You will spend two days sleeping on a luxury mini-cruise boat whilst waking up to the beautiful views of the Bay from your window.

Day 19 – Final Day of Camp Vietnam

This is your final day at Camp Vietnam and we will be arranging a drop off at the international airport for you to get your flights home or to your next destination.

Camp Location

Camp Vietnam is based in Hanoi with trips to Halong Bay, Mai Chau and Sapa

Currency: Vietnamese Dong

Top Attractions: Ha Long Bay, Rice Paddies, Sapa Homestay, Mai Chau Village, Famous Train Street

Camp Vietnam Gallery

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For your amazing Camp Vietnam journey you will be staying in Hanoi, Ha-long Bay Hoi An, and Cham Island

Room sizes vary and will be in between 2-4 per room, all accommodation is hotel or hostel based”

  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • Fan/aircon rooms
  • Laundry and sanitary

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23 Jul ’21 – 11 Aug ’21
13 Aug ’21 – 01 Sep ’21

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