Camp South Africa

Soar towards a Summer Adventure, prepare for a wild trip with Camp South Africa.

With trips to a Lion Park, Bloukrans/Storms River as well as an enthralling road trip across the Africa to Cape Town, we’ve mapped out a splendid Summer packed with pleasure!

There are an array of roles available for our applicants – tailor your Camp application to suit your preference and depart to the depths of South Africa in search of your once-in-a-lifetime voyage.

Partake in the Camp South Africa teaching project, with the option to combine this option with sports coaching. With an itinerary comprising time in a Primary School and Special Needs School, you’ll gain a wealth of diverse experience and develop a range of new skills.

If you’d rather avoid the classroom, don’t worry! Our sports program is the most-popular option amongst Camp South Africa applicants and has consistently proved a sure-fire hit with students and participants alike; no experience is necessary, simply bring a positive attitude and a desire to make a difference in the local community via sport. While PE isn’t a subject included on the curriculum in South Africa, rest assured, students are sports fanatics and your influence will be appreciated!

Why not extend your stay and combine your South Africa sport experience with our animal conservation project? Delve into the realm of a world-class game reserve, and make a difference to the lives of these incredible animals (lions, African elephants, buffaloes, rhinos and leopards).

South Africa is home to incredible opportunities that can truly transform your post-Camp experience: buckle up for an eight-day road trip from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, scout some of South Africa’s stunning wildlife with the Camp South Africa Safari Experience, brave a bungee jump or ten-thousand feet skydive, or even shack up in an underground cage next to a shark – the choice is yours!

Begin your reign and crown yourself King (or Queen!) of the Jungle with Camp South Africa.

Camp Highlights



Katie 5


Worth every single penny! My experience was life changing. I loved every second of it, the people the kids, the reps all of them were amazing! Camp South Africa is an amazing way to travel and experience fantastic activities as every body else is in the same boat as you, traveling for the first time and Camp  South Africa provide constant 24/7 support for when ever you need it, and the reps are such a laugh to be around. For myself it was my first time traveling alone and being at Camp I made a lot of friends so it made the whole experience feel so much more organised and safer along with a friendly, awesome atmosphere, and the activities were out of this world!!!

Veronica Scotton 5

Exceptional, once in a lifetime experience!

I had an amazing time in South Africa as all the reps were very helpful and friendly, as they always went the extra mile to make the experience great. The accommodation was lovely and all the trips I took part in were excellently organised. I would go back in a heart beat.

Ruaridh Mackay 5

Life changing

The Camp South Africa experience was one of the best adventures I have ever had. From the moment I arrived in South Africa to the moment I left was filled with amazing memories.

Arrival Info

Airport Pick Up: Transport from Port Elizabeth Airport to your accommodation. Please note all arrivals should before 4pm.

What's Included
  • Airport pick up and transfers
  • 3 meals a day, 7 days a week
  • Accommodation throughout your stay (complete with WiFi and other amenities)
  • Shared House with a Swimming Pool
  • Full Orientation in South Africa
  • Pre-departure and 24/7 in-Country support from our supported charity
  • Coaching equipment – feel free to bring your own too!
  • A Camp South Africa goody bag (with a branded t-shirt, whistle, lanyard and sports bag!)
  • 2 FREE Group Excursions, which may include (depending on date of travel) a visit to a local safari park, day trip to Jeffreys Bay, day trip to Bloukrans / Storms River, Boat trip
What's Not Included


Insurance (Click Here to see our insurance provider)

Personal expenses while at Camp

Vaccinations (most free on the NHS UK ONLY)

Costs incurred to our pre-departure orientation meeting at our Manchester HQ. For queries, contact the office on +44 161 222 3780 and we’d be more than happy to help with your questions! This meeting will be arranged once you have signed up and will take place before you depart to South Africa. (UK ONLY)

Extra excursions you may wish to get involved; we offer included activities at all our Camps. However, on your free days there are extras you can do which our reps are always happy to help arrange. Also during your free evenings you are given independent time, so we always encourage exploring the local area and making the most on extra curricular activities on offer, which may incur costs.

DBS Criminal Background Check £48.86(UK Only)

Available Extras

Sky Dive


Bungee Jump

Shark Cage Diving



Attend the program for 5 weeks or more.


Sports Coaching


English Coaching


Pick some of our amazing extras such as shark cage diving.

Something to Consider

Camp South Africa is not a typical idea of a holiday and it’s not always relaxing; at times you may find yourself in testing circumstances, as you would when experiencing any new culture. There may be bad weather, mosquitos, long journeys, slow Wi-Fi and limited food options.

However, here at Camp South Africa, we thoroughly enjoy stepping out of the comfort zone, embracing new cultures and learning how people live in other countries! Every year, we have a fantastic time, as have thousands of previous Camp South Africa attendees. Though we personally love the experience, we realise that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. As such, prior to your application, please make sure that you understand that this is a cultural experience, not a luxury holiday; our aim is to make a positive impact in the community – this is a product of hard work and dedication!

While we cannot guarantee that you will have a relaxing time, we fully recommend that you come to Camp South Africa with a sense of adventure and a willingness to embrace the experience – ultimately, there is only one person who will dictate how much you enjoy Camp and that’s you! We provide the setup and infrastructure for you to have a genuinely incredible time that many would love to be involved with; the rest of the package comes from you and your commitment to the cause.

It is no coincidence that our best participants on the program immerse themselves in the activities each day; if you work with passion, your enthusiasm will not only be appreciated by us here at Camp South Africa, but the locals who you are helping will be grateful for your help. We present the opportunity to partake in some of the most unbelievable life experiences.

Additional Costs

+ £48.86 DBS Check (UK Only)
Medical Form (Your GP may charge you for completion)
Any additional tours or EP elective you wish to join
Flights and Insurance
Transport/Accommodation For Pre-Departure Orientation Meeting
Program Requirements
  • 18+
  • A clear Criminal Background Check completed by Camp South Africa
  • Valid Passport
  • Native English speaking
  • You must also be outgoing, friendly and good with kids!
Am I responsible for booking my own flights?

Once you have paid your deposit our flight partners will be in contact to help you with this process. They have some great deals of flights on offer, and can provide flexi pass tickets.

What sort of accommodation will I be staying in at Camp South Africa?

Your accommodation is beautiful, with a BBQ, pool table and common relaxing area.

Is WiFi Available at Camp South Africa?

Yes, WiFi is available in all rooms and in the restaurant and bar, so you will be able to Skype and keep in contact with your family. © 2019

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