How Much Money Do You Need For Camp Thailand?

Published 15th November 2019

One of the most common questions we get here at Camp HQ is how much money you need to take with you to Thailand. Whilst the amount you need to take will obviously vary a lot depending on how many souvenirs you’re planning on taking home from the markets, we’re here to give you an idea of how much things are going to cost while you’re away!


Food will probably be your biggest expense whilst at camp but it doesn’t have to cost a bomb. If you choose local food then you can easily eat for £5 a day. However, if you just can’t give up your western dishes, you’ll be looking at more like £10. Also, western snacks such as chocolate and crisps will cost just as much as home and they can easily stack up without you noticing. 


Tap water isn’t drinkable in Thailand so you’ll have to buy bottled water from 7/11 to drink. The cheapest option is to buy large bottles that are 30/40p each. This will be more like 50p in restaurants, which is usually similar to the price of soft drinks such as Coca Cola. 

Alcohol is relatively inexpensive in Thailand but not as cheap as it used to be. A large Chang beer in a bar will set you back around £1.50 whilst a cocktail is around £3. Prices will usually be higher on the islands but there are plenty of happy hour deals so keep your eye out, or buy some spirits from the supermarket to drink before going out. Bottles of Thai rum and whiskey are around £6 which is probably the best value for alcohol, although the cost of the mixers will be the sting here!


Markets will be your main source of shopping in Thailand so the cost of items depends greatly on your haggling skills. The classic elephant bracelets and shell necklaces should cost around £1 each, with traditional Thai crafts ranging massively depending on what you’re after. 

Other popular souvenirs include Muay Thai shorts, which can range from £6-£10, and football and basketball shirts, setting you back around £5-£8. Fake designer goods are also very popular. Branded t-shirts come in at around £5 and designers handbags are on the pricier end at £20. If a seller is trying to charge much more than this, be sure to haggle or walk away as they’re trying to rip you off!


There may be some optional activities you’d love to do, a few more nights out than you’re expecting or you could see the perfect gift for your best friend, so it’s always good to give yourself a little extra cash as a buffer. Make sure you keep some cash in different bags and store a debit card separately so you’ll always have money even if disaster strikes!

So there you have it! Obviously this is just a rough guide and the price of things will change from camp to camp. For example, Camp Elephant has lots of meals included whilst Backpackers Party will need a bit more in the alcohol fund! But use this as a rough guide for what to expect your expenses to look like over in Thailand!

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