How to Take Better Travel Photos

Published 14th May 2020

Everyone loves looking at photos from their travels! They serve as great reminders of the people you’ve met and places you’ve explored, but how do you take a truly great travel picture? Here are some simple tips to get you taking better travel photos in no time! Your Instagram grid won’t know what hit it!

The Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the most important basic photography concepts and understanding it will help with your composition massively. Imagine your frame is split into 9 squares (a lot of cameras will actually have a mode which splits up the screen for you whilst shooting). Now aim to position the focal points of your image along these grid lines. You’ll find that pictures will look more balanced and interesting once you nail this technique!

Try and shoot in the morning and evening

The middle of the day is a rough time to take pictures because of the direct sunlight so try to shoot during the golden hours just after sunrise and before sunset. The more subdued light gives everything a beautiful glow that lifts pictures to the next level. You’ll also have the benefit of there being way less tourists around so you’re more likely to get that postcard perfect shot! 

Always underexpose rather than overexpose

Have you ever been in a position where you’re taking pictures on your phone and you can either see the foreground clearly with the background way too light or the background clearly with the foreground way too dark? Opt for the latter! Too much light is the enemy of photography. If a photo is overexposed with pure white sections, there’s no bringing that back, however, underexposed photos can often be saved with good editing.

Don’t say cheese!

“Say cheese after three” may be the tried and tested method for mums everywhere to get a nice picture of all of their kids smiling at once, but great travel photos are much less staged (or at least appear that way). Maybe try some candids of your friends exploring, take some pictures whilst walking or face away from the camera. This will make the pictures feel more natural and will provide even better memories later on!

Make time for photography

Because of the rise of camera phones, people can quickly forget that photography is a challenging skill that requires a lot of hard work, so don’t worry if you don’t take great photos right away! Great photos don’t just happen when you whip your phone out for 30 seconds to get a shot. Take some time to research your destination beforehand, get some ideas of the type of pictures you want to take, learn how to use your camera in manual mode and take your time when shooting, and you’ll be taking pictures like the pros in no time! Check out YouTube for loads of free tutorials for all levels and get snapping!

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Much love and stay safe. Team x on Instagram