Duration 9 weeks
Runs From June - August
Cost From £299


We offer incredible opportunities for people from all around the world to work and travel in Canada. You can earn up to $1900 and have a great time in one of the amazing Canadian Camps we work with. It’s what AmeriCamp Canada is all about. You just have to be aware of those #MentalMoose’s, maple syrup and mounties! Those who apply with AmeriCamp Canada can expect to work in one of 100 residential Camps all across Canada. If you have a sense of adventure then applying with us means you could be working as an outdoor wilderness leader, if not there are other positions including swim instructors, horse riding instructors or dance teachers amongst many many others! It really is the perfect way to spend a summer abroad or as part of a gap year abroad. Remember you don’t even need to be a student so we welcome applications from everyone and from all parts of the world. AmeriCamp Canada offers you the chance to live, eat and work with children, teaching sports, working in the great outdoors and changing lives forever! There’s also the chance to travel after your work contract finishes so you can explore Canada and experience it’s culture.


You will be expected to work up to ten weeks dependant on the camp. You'll leave mid June to mid August. Dependant on whether you're in Canada on an IEC or employer specific visa, you'll have up to 12 months to travel. We also offer fall camps available to those who wish to work between 4-6 weeks in September time.


Making arrangements to work at a camp is challenging. The visa can be confusing, it is difficult to find camps that are willing to hire international staff and it is challenging to determine which camps will provide the necessary support and benefits to help you succeed at camp. Camp Canada will provide you with a face-to-face interview and a pre-arranged camp placement, which we think will suit your skills, personality and what you hope to get out of your summer adventure! In addition, our partner company, will help you get settled in Canada and provide support and emergency assistance during your work placement. Finally Camp Canada is run by the lovely people at AmeriCamp so you are guaranteed first class customer service.
Now! We take applications up until March, but Camp places fill up quickly and applying early gives you the maximum choice of camps with which we work.


FROM £299
  • Camp Duration: 9 weeks
  • Dates: June - August
  • Cost: £299
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