Crazy New Year’s Eve Traditions From Around The World

Published 30th December 2021

Want your best year yet? Whilst we all have our own New Year’s Eve traditions, did
you know that many countries have their own traditions for this holiday to bring
them luck?

Here are Camp HQ’s top ten New Year’s Eve traditions:

1) A fruity start to New Year in Spain

When we think of Spain, we think of sunny weather, relaxing at the beach with a
cold glass of Sangria. Frankly, I’d much rather be there right now than in freezing
cold England! In Spain, locals eat exactly 12 grapes at the midnight on NYE to honour a tradition
that begun in the 19th century. If you eat the grapes, you can expect a year of
good fortune and prosperity.

2) Fashion forward in the Philippines

As well as eating round foods on New Year’s Eve, in the Philippines, wearing polka dots are the
height of fashion for December 31st to ensure a fabulous year ahead. I know what
I’ll be wearing this New Year’s Eve!

3) Jumping waves in Brazil

New Year's Eve traditions in Brazil

As well as wearing white in Brazil for NYE, head to the beach and jump 7 waves,
with a wish granted for each wave you jump. What are you wishing for in 2022?

4) Pretty clean in Puerto Rico

What better way to start the new year off than a deep clean? Tidy space, tidy mind
right? Well in Puerto Rico they take it to the next level – apart from the house, they
clean the car, the garden and even the streets! Furthermore, they also throw
buckets of water out the window to get rid of the stresses of the old year.

5) Every meal Estonia

Estonia’s traditions revolve around a lucky number of meals – either 7, 9 or 12 trips
to the table. How ever many you choose, it is said to bring strength to you for the
year ahead.

6) Austria’s charm

In Austria, there is a two part tradition for good luck. The first, is finding a hidden
lucky charm within a suckling pig, and then onto peppermint ice cream for dessert.
A little bit cold for ice cream, am I right?

7) Dishes in Denmark

In Denmark, to banish bad spirits, it is common to throw plates and dishes on the
doorsteps of friends and family. That can’t be fun to clean up!

8) Canada’s chill

Ice fishing in Canada on New Year's Eve

In the more rural areas of Canada, NYE is for ice fishing with friends and eating
your fish on New Years Day. How fun does that sound?

9) Greece’s gift

In Greece, it is traditional to eat vasilopita, a sweet yeast bread, with a coin inside
of it. Whoever’s slice of bread contains the lucky coin shall have the greatest luck
throughout the year.

10) Craving travel in Columbia

This is the personal favourite – residents of Columbia carry round an empty
suitcase in the hopes of a full year of travel. At Camp HQ, this is definitely
something we can get behind!

Which tradition is your favourite?

From all of us at Camp HQ, we hope you have a happy new year however you’re celebrating! on Instagram