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Published 20th December 2019

For many students, the mere mention of Thailand or South East Asia immediately conjures up images of backpacking from one blurry beach party to another, while sending their Insta likes soaring in a haze of travel spam and hashtags.

However, at, while we appreciate a beach-bound blowout as much as anyone, we also aspire to provide some of the most immersive, life-changing cultural experiences possible, all of which will benefit your students immensely.

At Camp, we’re committed to organising sustainable projects which are truly beneficial to local communities and the personal development of all students lucky enough to be involved.

As one of the world’s leading Camp experience providers, we understand the needs of educators, as well as their students. We’re here to run a unique programme, which we’re confident will align with your educational goals to ensure a truly beneficial learning experience.

By engaging in local community work, students immerse themselves in new cultures and build relationships that will last a lifetime. In today’s modern world, we believe this is a crucial element of every student’s progression, both in their personal and educational development.

The wide range of projects we offer can help to develop a variety of skills: from constructing wells to providing access to fresh water or a school playground or helping educate children by teaching English in local schools and orphanages. Each of these unique experiences encourages students to build confidence, develop empathy and work hard to truly make a difference outside of their usual comfort zone.

These opportunities also enable students to develop their interpersonal listening and leadership skills through cross-cultural communication.

In addition to this, we offer all students a free teaching course which will benefit them not only during their project but also in post-college life. The course is fully accredited ACDL and TQUK qualification which looks great on a student’s CV, standing out to future education bodies and employers.

The benefits of an international Camp programme are not just restricted to students, either.  Providing such opportunities raises your school’s profile within the community, directly to parents and even sometimes to the media. We have also found that in many cases, sixth form students actively sought out specific colleges due to these particular additional programmes being offered.

There’s also nothing more satisfying than seeing the transformation of your students as they develop throughout the programme. The experience you have encouraged and enabled them to be involved in will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

One of the ways your school or college can support your chosen project is through fundraising and don’t worry, Camp can also provide full support in helping organise this. We can arrange to visit you and deliver presentations to help enthuse your students and provide ideas.

We can also provide design material such as leaflets and posters and make your school a customised fundraising project video.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, we can even help set flexible targets through an online fundraising portal that each student can share with their family and friends to help raise free cashback for their trip every time they shop online on sites such as Amazon, ASOS, H&M, Trainline and Just Eat.

There is almost no end to the benefits to both students and schools with an international Camp programme, so please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us here at Camp HQ to discuss the possibilities further.

To learn more about our programmes and to see our digital brochure, email us at [email protected] on Instagram