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How will this experience benefit your students?

By engaging in local community work, students immerse themselves in new cultures and build relationships that will last a lifetime. In today’s modern world, we believe this is a crucial element of every student’s progression, both in their personal, and educational development.

The wide range of projects we offer can help to develop a variety of skills: from constructing wells, to providing access to fresh water, a school playground, or helping educate children by teaching English in local schools and orphanages. Each of these unique experiences encourage students to build confidence, develop empathy and work hard to truly make a difference in an environment different from their ‘norm’.

By experiencing new cultures, our emotions, cultural and social values are challenged. However, these challenges are always overcome, resulting in a positive learning experience and true sense of fulfilment and achievement.

These opportunities also enable students to develop their interpersonal, listening, leadership and communication skills through cross cultural communication.

Further to this, we offer all students a free teaching course which will benefit them not only during their project, but also in life after school / college. The course is a fully accredited ACDL and TQUK qualification which looks great on a students resume standing out to future education bodies and employers.

We believe this is the perfect addition to any students CV, but especially to those interested in fulfilling a career in teaching!

Teaching Young Learners 30 Hour Online Course

  • 3O hour online Teaching
  • Young Learners training
  • ACDL & TQUK accredited
  • qualification
  • Internationally recognised
  • certificate
  • 70+ page grammar eBook
  • Downloadable TEFL
  • course book
  • Expert job hunting advice
  • Learn on any device
  • Flexible study schedule
  • Personal tutor support
  • 3 month study time
  • 30 training hours
  • Fully accredited

Benefits for your school and teachers

Providing an opportunity for your students to take part in an international Camp programme certainly has several benefits – and not just for the students! Providing such opportunities raises your school / college profile within the community, directly to parents and even sometimes to the media.

We have also found that in many cases, sixth form students actually sought out the college due to these particular additional programmes being on offer.

There’s also nothing more satisfying than seeing the transformation of your students as they develop throughout the programme. The experience you have encouraged and enabled them to be involved in will stay with them for the rest of their lives!

+Fundraising Support

One of the ways your school / college can support your chosen project is by fundraising. We provide full support in helping to organise this. We can arrange school / college visits andpresentations to help get your students enthused and provide ideas.

We can also provide design material such as leaflets and posters and make your school a customised fundraising project video!

We even help set flexible targets on an online fundraising portal that each student can share with their family and friends to help raise free cashback for their trip every time they shop online on one of the 4,000 leading sites like Amazon, ASOS, Just Eat, H&M, trainline and Argos. In the same easyfundraising portal the option for a debit or credit card donation is possible too.


We’re thrilled you’re planning on organising a school expedition with us. Here at, we’re committed to organising sustainable school projects which are truly beneficial to local communities, as well as the personal development of the students lucky enough to be involved.

We run several unique summer programmes across South East Asia and South Africa, which encourage students to engage in local community work, immerse themselves in new cultures and build relationships that will last a lifetime. In today’s modern world, we believe this is a crucial element of every student’s progression, both in their personal, and educational development.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we have pre-made itineraries that will show you some of the outstanding things you can do in each of our destinations. Don’t forget all our itineraries can be flexed to your needs, if you see something you like and want to do more of, that’s absolutely fine – equally if you see something you don’t like, that’s fine too, we’ll axe it and find an activity or experience that suits your individual or group needs.

We appreciate running a school expedition may not be your idea of a perfect holiday, so asking for you to pay for one wouldn’t be entirely fair. That’s why we’ll send out one teacher for free for every 15 pupils that sign onto our programs.

We also know how tedious it can be organising a large-scale school trip, which is exactly why do all of the required admin. We’re here to organise your bespoke trip and ensure all staff and students are fully supported throughout the process. Once your school trip is confirmed, we ensure the required staff to student ratios are met, including leaders from our own UK team at every Camp location, as well as trusted local project leaders.

We aim to provide 24/7 support, including in-school visits and presentations from members of our specialised team.


Hey! You’ve probably found us after your son or daughter has run home asking to come on one of our amazing programmes that we’re helping to organise with their school. In which case, you may have some questions about who we are and what we do. is part of Invasion Travel, who have been running amazing Camp programmes and holidays all over the world since 2008. We send thousands of young people all around the world every year from a range of different backgrounds, ensuring safety, community giving and jam packed itineraries!

We’re hoping your child is even more eager than we are to have them on one of our programmes, we hope this will be the fuel to their fire which starts off the incredible life experiences they will have through travel and seeing the world. We believe our programmes which give back to local communities, are the perfect way to develop skills far beyond the reach of the classroom. Travel can have its own set of challenges, we believe it’s these challenges that develop resilience, confidence, problem solving skills and gives kids the ability to cope with changes they’re not used to.

Here at, we know that money matters. That’s why we strive to ensure our programme’s are as affordable as possible. We do everything we can to ensure our trips offer best value on price without compromising on safety and fun. We help the school/college with fundraising projects either with individual or group targets to help lighten the load. We also recommend getting your child to fundraise for a percentage of the trip, this is not only easier for your own wallets but it also gives something for your child to work hard towards. As I’m sure you already know, kids are more than capable of finding ways to earn their own money. Once they start, they may not stop and could even end up paying for more than the percentage agreed with them.

When your child takes some ownership of their trip they can develop skills to go out looking for a Sunday job, fundraising, managing their finances, building confidence and resilience through finding ways to generate money for themselves.

If you have any questions about your child’s trip that have not been answered, feel free to contact us anytime at [email protected] or 0161 222 3780.

Where are my fees going?

It’s really important you know where your money is going! As well as the obvious things such as transport, accommodation, activities and our local guides – a large proportion goes to the community service programmes which your students will be participating in.

In Cambodia, for example, it may go towards the materials and construction equipment needed to build a water well to provide fresh drinking water for the locals. We also can’t forget our amazing local construction workers dedicated to helping our cause too! In Bali we have several amazing turtle conservation projects where the funds are used to protect and care for turtles who become injured through plastics in the ocean or boat propellers. Our team nurtures them back to health – this involves cleaning them, feeding them and providing weekly medical checks.

In lucky scenarios, you may also have the chance to release them back into the ocean! The funds help towards their care and towards education projects to help raise awareness about turtle conservation.

Safety and Risk Assessment

Here at, we ensure all students are fully supported throughout their programme of choice. We ensure the required staff to student ratios are met, including leaders from our own UK team at every Camp location, as well as trusted local project leaders who know the areas we travel to inside and out. All our on-ground reps are first aid trained too. We provide 24/7 support, safety management and have emergency procedures in place. Ensuring your pupils safety is our number one priority.

Before departure we can provide risk assessments for all locations and itineraries.

Available Programs

For draft itineraries and prices please contact us at [email protected] or call us on 0161 222 3780. on Instagram