Shark Diving

Tour Duration

1 day


On Camp South Africa programs


Slip into your wet suit, dive Down Under into a great white-knuckle ride for a dose of shark cage diving…

Take a sabbatical from the sunshine, submerge yourself in the depths of the Australian reef and get within touching distance of one of the most fearsome, yet enigmatic subaquatic life forms while contained in an underwater steel cage.

While sharks have an overwhelming ability to instill a sharp sense of fear, their graceful approach as they glide through indigo waters belies their reputation as one of the great predators in the animal kingdom; the opportunity to witness these elegant creatures first-hand is a sight to behold.

An enthralling way to experience the beauty of the underwater realm, shark cage diving comes highly recommended for travellers with an interest in nature or appetite for adrenaline.

For more information, call a member of the team at Camp South Africa HQ on +441612223780 on Instagram